What I Am

Aquired Skill
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effect
Modeling & Rigging (Maya)
Twitter Bootstrap
Angular Materialize

What I do

3D Art

Conceptualization, Creation of High Res Models, Generation of Maps (Normal, Ambient, Occlusion), Creations of Low Res Models, Unwrapping of Models

Web Designing

Website Designing in HTML5, CSS3 by using libraries for designing such as Bootstrap, Materialize, Angular Materialize, Node.js

Work Experience.

  • 1.6y


    Sifium Tech Pvt Ltd
    Web Designer, Front-end Developer

    I've served as a Web Designer and a Front-end Developer in Sifium Tech Pvt Ltd. Identifying the needs of the project and adopting the best strategies to deliver the message to our users had been our main goal.

  • 4 months


    Virtualsoft Technologies
    Internship in Game UI UX Design

    POW (September-January)
    UI UX Graphic Designing of the Game.
    POW is a game about launching wars, deploying armies and releasing prisoners. The aim of the game would be getting your soldiers into the battleground to get your prisoners released before the other parties’, in turn, and to collect all the keys of the prisons else the prisoners must rot in there.
    So the challenge is if a player doesn’t have sufficient arms, then their soldiers cannot get into the battlefield.
    The final objective of the game is to win the battle and acquire as many troops. The more the troops, the bigger the army and the better lead. Getting more troops than the other players makes a player win the game, in the end.

  • 3y


    Apophis Tech Labs
    3D Artist

    Currently, I am serving as a 3D Artist in the firm. The ongoing projects that I’m working upon are AR and VR Applications. The previous projects include the Modeling and Designing the application, M.A.R.T.A.

    3D Modeling and Designing
    M.A.R.T.A. abbreviation for My Augmented Reality Teaching Assistant is an android based assistant designed to assist people around the world willing to educated without even chipping a dime. The application features three sections; the NCERT section, the Explore section, and the Kids section coupled with three revolutionary modes; the Augmented Reality Marker Mode, the Augmented Reality Marker-less Mode, and in the 3D Mode.
    The NCERT section as of now carries sixth to twelfth grade science course work with 3D models and diagrams by using the Augmented Reality Marker Mode. The Kids section on the other hand is built to ease kids and starters brawling to grasp the basics of English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Bengali by handing in the basic alphabetic and phonetic synthesis of them.
    And the Explore section is crafted to take its users to a three dimensional augmented reality expedition and tour around the planet earth in a single tap. The section pouches 3D models related various categories.
    The Augmented Reality Marker Mode turns one’s run of the mill phone camera into a remarkable augmented object hook and 3D interchanger, any object in the view of one’s camera can be turned into a significant augmented reality 3D model with the zippy click of the photo. The Augmented Reality Marker-less Mode, lets the users take any object and put it ahead of any immediate background of their choice.

  • 8 Months


    Freelancer 3D Artist, Front-end Developer, Graphic Designer

    Team948 is a squad jam-packed with the state of the art Animations & Web Development Professionals. A huge team of freelancers work hand-in-hand to deliver the services in the fields of 3D Visualizations for Games, Architectural Designs, Product Designs, Movie Making including Motion Designing Explanatory Videos & Animations, 3D Printing, and Web & Graphic Designing.
    My role in Team948 is of a 3D Artist working as a freelancer Front-end Developer, and of a Graphic Designer.


  • 3y


    Bachelors of Arts, Visual Effects & Animation, Digital Arts and Design

    During the degree I gained knowledge, and acquired experience in:
    -2D & 3D Animation Composting, and Digital Visual Effects
    -3D Modeling and Rigging
    -Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering
    -Advanced Computer Generated Techniques
    -Professional Portfolio Development
    -Team-working Skills
    -Aesthetic and Practical Design
    The softwares I got proficient in; 3D Studio Max, Maya, Z-brush V-Ray, Mental Ray, After Effects, Adobe premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator.

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